Fakfak is a regency in the West Papua province,consisting of 17 districts and 142 villages. The majority of thedistricts lie on the coast and are therefore very similar to theregencies Raja Ampat, Bintuni and Kaimana.

A team from Conservation International led by Mark Erdmannwas in Fakfak on November 17, 2017 and made recommendations tomaintain and improve the biodiversity in Fakfak. We have joined thisforum and want to come up with a program to preserve the naturalbiodiversity in our region.

Our program proposal for theregency of Fakfak consists of organizing workshops and seminars forthe local population. Money is needed for this. We have asked thegovernment in Fakfak to support our group, but the reality is thatthey do not want to. So we have to look for another solution.
Whenwe can set up a tourist project, we could use the revenues toimplement our program proposal for the conservation and improvementof our biodiversity, hence: Emmerpan Tour and Travel.

EMMERPAN is one of our Tour and Travel Agency  in Fakfak West Papua rune  by the local professional team working. EMMERPAN was founded in 2014 and well provide different adventures activities all over Fakfak and Triton Kaimana regency, including provided Handy Craft, Research for Academic who is interesting on Culture, Geology also Environmental.

All crews recruited in this company are locals, they are best selected, knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable. Involving locals as crew is one of our goal in stablishing sustainable tourism for locals income either team and the local community.

We currently that once you do the tours with locals as the host of our own country, your trip will be more meaningful and we highly guaranty that you will enjoy your trip, Research with EMMERPAN.

We have been offering and providing different best selected trip packages such as luxurious, standard and budget trip to Fakfak and Kaiman (Triton)west Papua as our client’s budget. We will customize the trip package anditinerary as per the client’s interest and focus to make their trip life long experience. “EMMERPAN”  operates individual as well as group trip package and will ensure that all the clientsget the maximum enjoyment of Tours, Research activities we offer.

 Papua is well known as the hidden of paradise islands and ofcourse there are many things needs to be explored for adventure lovers. And we also always happy to hear from our clients what they want us to prepare a trip as they wish and we always come up with smile to arrange the trip accordingly.

We are always trying our best to offer and deliver a good quality of tour and service in every tour package we designed. We are specialized and experienced in; Trekking, Hiking, Diving & Snorkeling, Birding Tour, Cultural tour, Historical and heritage Sites, Research big events and many more.We are always happy to hear from travel lovers who want explore and experience in Fakfak and Kaimana (Triton) West Papua with us. We are not giving words and promises!